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Hi! I'm Bikramjeet

Hey, thanks a lot for visiting my website. I am Bikramjeet, my friends call me Biky. I live in India. I am currently majoring in Business Management and I have come first in my class for the last three semesters. 

I looove to write, cook and bake. I also love to watch movies. I am very much into the fantasy and sci-fi genre. I have read more than 500 books in my life, I was very very obsessed with reading a few years ago.

I have started this website just for the sake of experiencing blogging. I am going to blog about my journey through this illusionary game we call life. And I don't expect to get readers haha. 

I will share on this website useful things which I have learned while cooking, writing, art and mental wellness.

If you have any questions, then don't hesitate to contact me